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Sittin outside in my underwear with a cigarette, a bowl, a beer, and a wonderful view. I finally got off probation and just got promoted to a full time mon-fri position at a job I’ve had less than 90 days. It might just be the weed but I feel bliss for the first time in I don’t know how long…

Hi, it’s been a while


Science and art don’t intersect nearly as often as they should, despite their many similarities. Chief among those shared qualities is creativity — whether of thought, experimentation, or presentation. When science and art do meet one other, the results can be an astonishing blend of expression and fact. Each year, we report on the winners of the International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge, a competition run by the journal Science and the U.S. National Science Foundation. This year, teams submitted more than 200 entries. The winners include a swirling, animated planetary video, a citizen science neuron-mapping interactive, and a most ingenious way of visualizing the ways in which water swirls around coral polyps. (via The Best Science and Engineering Visualizations of 2013 - Wired Science)

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